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"When I was younger my parents always kept my hair short but long enough to curl. Even hooked the kid up with shaved sides.   After I graduated to that stage where we all become in charge of dressing ourselves I always kept my hair cut low in a Cesar. I guess you can blame it on hip hop. Fast forward and I’m in high school at Andover, MA. Let’s just say the racial make up is a bit pale and looks nothing like where I’m from in the Lower East Side. No one in town knew how to cut my hair and fellas you know I wasn’t bout to take the risk of going to class rocking the crooked pushed back line up. Just wasn’t about to go down like that lol. The closest hood was Lawrence and you had to drive to get there. I was 14 and at boarding school. No way I could get there. So instead of stressing I just let my hair grow. I was used to the curls anyway and didn’t mind.

By the time school year was up my fro was out there!! I headed back home to NY for summer vacation and it was right around the time where all the guys were rocking braids. Every couple weeks I would go to BK to get my cornrows hooked up by homegirl. Right before it was about time to go back to school my mom had the genius idea of relaxing my hair. She told me it would make my curls tighter. I was fine with them the way they were. When she took that nonsense out my hair I looked like Snoop with his hair freshly laid and straightened.

There was a girl on campus who braided my hair but she charged and it was getting expensive because I couldn’t rock my fro anymore between when it wasn’t braided because my hair would just fall straight down. To me that was worse than rocking the crooked hair cut. I cut all my hair off again but it grew to about the same length again after the school was year was up. Rocked the fro for awhile but cut it off again and kept it low the remainder of my high school years and  throughout my college years in Cali at SC.  I was out there for a couple more years working and during that time I had a lil fro hawk going.

Life took me back home to New York and I immediately fell in love with all the natural hair I saw out in the streets. Made me weak each time.  It was empowering to see the majority of women move away from perms and weaves and embrace their hair. I believe wearing your natural hair exudes your personal essence most intimately. I love it in all its forms… Fros, locs, short cuts, curls. And all its textures. Everything. All equally beautiful and expressive. It inspired me and it also reminded me of the days when I had my fro and curls going. So just about 2 years ago I decided to let my hair grow back out and see what became of it. It’s pretty cool to see your hair go through changes along with yourself. I haven’t cut my hair once since and don’t plan on it anytime soon. 😊😀😊”

- O’Shea

The cutest kids ever! Captured in Central Park by our next #hairstory feature. Stay tuned tomorrow for HIS story!

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Love this @adeystips!!!! 👏👏👏 #naturalhair

Ok, so I FINALLY uploaded all my pics from #BeautyConNYC! Go check em out at - link in bio #maneandtale #naturalhair

Saw these girls waiting for the train and knew they were BeautyConners immediately - gorgeous!

Showing love to the youngins at BeautyConNYC - so cute!

Obligatory bathroom pics at BeautyConNYC

The coolest sisters in the building, cocoandbreezy!

Turn down for what?!

with jouelzy and @thekglifestyle


More BeautyCon lovelies!

Blazers and curls - perfection!


These girls are so dope! Had the best time meeting @haute_as_mo, thenotoriouskia, and @thekglifestyle at BeautyConNYC.

And I may or may not be standing on my tippy toes

Met some awesome women - including the founder of BeautyCon, Marina Curry!